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Tresiba® dosing

Your insulin dosage will be prescribed as a number of insulin units per day. If you have type 2 diabetes and have never taken insulin before, typically your doctor will start you on a low dose. Then they'll slowly adjust your dose over time to reach the amount that's right for you based on your morning blood sugar numbers. 

The American Diabetes Association recommends a target morning blood sugar level (before a meal) of 80 to 130 mg/dL.

Be sure to ask your health care provider how many units of Tresiba® you should take and when/how you should share your morning blood sugar results.

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There's an App for That

Glooko® Mobile App

Download the free Glooko® Mobile App to keep track of your blood sugar numbers and share them with your diabetes care team remotely.

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When to Take Tresiba® and What to Do if You Miss a Dose

For adults with diabetes, Tresiba® should be taken once daily, any time of day. While taking your insulin at the same time every day is recommended, if you miss or delay your Tresiba® dose, simply take it as soon as you can, then return to your normal dosing schedule. Just be sure to leave at least 8 hours between doses.

Learn about the Tresiba® FlexTouch® pen and vial

Tresiba® Is Available in 2 Different Concentrations

Tresiba® FlexTouch® Pen

For Tresiba® FlexTouch® U-100, the minimum dose is 1 unit, and the maximum dose is 80 units in a single injection.

Tresiba® FlexTouch® Pen

For Tresiba® FlexTouch® U-200, the minimum dose is 2 units, and the maximum dose is 160 units in a single injection.

Tresiba® insulin vial
Tresiba® insulin vial

The Tresiba® vial allows dosing in half-unit increments. This may be helpful if you or your child is on a very small dose of Tresiba® (ie, less than 5 units).

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