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How Tresiba® works

Tresiba® is a once-daily insulin injection that releases slow and steady throughout the day, like the body's insulin, to lower blood sugar. 

Tresiba® is available in a vial or the FlexTouch® pen. Once injected, Tresiba® helps the sugar in your blood get into your cells. Sugar provides your cells with the energy needed to fuel your body. 

Molecular Design

The unique molecular design of Tresiba® allows it to connect like a string of pearls.

Around-the-Clock Control

Tresiba® releases slow and steady from the ends of its molecular chain for a full 24 hours of blood sugar control with powerful A1C reduction.

For adults, if you miss or delay your Tresiba® dose, simply take it as soon as you can, then return to your normal dosing schedule. Just be sure to leave at least 8 hours between doses.

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