Taking Fiasp®

Whether you are new to insulin or you’ve been taking it for a while, you may still have questions about how to take Fiasp®. Here you’ll find helpful tips about Fiasp®, including when to take it, details on the FlexTouch® insulin pen, and information on traveling with your insulin.


Fiasp® offers adjustable dose timing

Fiasp® can be taken at the start of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal, whereas NovoLog® (insulin aspart) injection 100 U/mL must be taken 5 to 10 minutes before a meal. This range gives you flexibility when taking your mealtime insulin. Talk with your health care provider to find the appropriate time to take Fiasp® based on your individual needs and goals.


NovoLog® dosing option


Dosing at first bite or during meal

With Fiasp®, you have options for insulin delivery

Fiasp® can be administered via insulin pens, a vial and syringe, or an insulin pump like the Omnipod DASH® System.a Your diabetes care team will help determine the right option for you.

aRefer to the insulin infusion pump user manual to see if Fiasp® can be used. Use in accordance with the insulin pump’s instructions for use.

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FlexTouch® pen
  • Prefilled insulin pen
  • Accurate dosing up to 80 units
  • No push-button extension
  • End-of-dose click, letting you know that a dose has been administeredb

bAfter dose counter has returned to 0, keep needle in skin for 6 seconds before the needle is removed. If you do not, you may not have received your full dose and you should check your blood sugar levels more often because you may need more insulin. You may or may not hear an audible click at end of dose.

Learn how to use the Fiasp® FlexTouch® pen

NovoPen Echo® and PenFill® cartridgec

Details on NovoPen Echo®

  • Adjustable half-unit dosing from 0.5 to 30 units of insulin
  • Automatically records the last dose and approximate time since your last injection
  • Short button travel reduces injection movement
  • You’ll know when to change the cartridge because Fiasp® NovoPen Echo® doesn’t allow you to dial more units than are left
  • The pen injector is compatible with Lilly Humalog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, Novo Nordisk NovoLog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, Novo Nordisk Fiasp® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, and single-use detachable and disposable pen needles (not included)

Learn how to use the NovoPen Echo® pen

Save on your NovoPen Echo® with a savings card. 
Get savings at NovoPenEchoSavings.com or call 1-888-910-1269 to sign up.d

Details on Fiasp® PenFill® cartridge

  • PenFill® is a disposable cartridge that is loaded into your NovoPen Echo®, allowing for half-unit dosing
  • Save on your PenFill® cartridges with a Fiasp® Savings Card. Get savings at FiaspSavings.com.

cPenFill® cartridges require a prescription and are sold separately.

10-mL vial to use with syringes to inject or fill an insulin pump

If you use an insulin pump, it’s a good idea to have a backup source for insulin. Ask your diabetes care team if Fiasp® FlexTouch® or NovoPen Echo® could be a good option for you.

Refer to the insulin infusion pump user manual to see if Fiasp® can be used. Use in accordance with the insulin pump’s instructions for use.

Fiasp® vial


Storage conditions for Fiasp® vials, FlexTouch® pens, and the 3‑mL PenFill® cartridgee-g

Chart with storage conditions for Fiasp® vials, FlexTouch® pens, and the 3-mL PenFill® cartridge

e3-mL PenFill® cartridge is available for NovoPen Echo®.

fPenFill® cartridges in use (opened) must NOT be stored in the refrigerator.

gIn-use vials (opened) may be stored in the refrigerator (36°F to 46°F).

Here are a few tips for traveling with Fiasp®:

Extra pens icon

Pack extra

Bring extra supplies with you in case you are delayed, lose something, or decide to extend your trip.

Storage temperature icon

Proper storage

Your insulin must be kept at room temperature (below 86°F), so be sure not to store it in places like the trunk or glove box of a car or checked baggage on a flight where the temperature may get too hot or cold.

Airplane icon

Keep on hand

If you are flying, make sure that you take your insulin and other diabetes medicines with you in your carry-on bag. Checked luggage could get lost or delayed! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to bring diabetes supplies in your carry‑on.

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It is a good idea to let TSA agents know before the security screening process begins that you have diabetes and are carrying supplies. You can continue to wear your insulin pump while going through a common airport metal detector as it will not harm the device or trigger an alarm. However, you should not send your pump device through an X-ray machine.

Where can I get help with the cost of Fiasp®?

If you have private or commercial insurance, such as insurance you receive through an employer, you can register for the Fiasp® Savings Offer. With the offer, you may be eligible to pay as little as $35 per 30-day supply (maximum savings of $65 per 30-day supply) or no more than $99 per prescription for up to 2 years when you start Fiasp®.a

Request a savings card

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