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Levemir® side effects

What are the possible side effects of Levemir®?

Serious side effects can lead to death, including:

  • low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Low blood sugar can be a serious, but common side effect of Levemir®Signs and symptoms that may indicate low blood sugar include dizziness, light-headedness, sweating, confusion, headache, blurred vision, slurred speech, shakiness, fast heartbeat, anxiety, irritability, mood changes, and hunger.
  • severe allergic reactions. Severe allergic reactions are a potential side effect of Levemir®. Get emergency medical help if you have trouble breathing, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, swelling, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion. 
  • low potassium in your blood (hypokalemia)
  • heart failure. Taking certain diabetes pills called TZDs (thiazolidinediones) with Levemir® may cause heart failure in some people. This can happen even if you have never had heart failure or heart problems before. If you already have heart failure, it may get worse while you take TZDs with Levemir®. Tell your healthcare provider if you have new or worse symptoms of heart failure including shortness of breath, swelling of ankles or feel, and sudden weight gain. Treatment with TZDs and Levemir® may need to be changed or stopped by your healthcare provider if you have new or worse heart failure.

Other common side effects include:

  • injection site reactions, skin thickening or pits at the injection site (lipodystrophy), weight gain, swelling of your hands and feet, rash, and itching. 

Your insulin dose may need to change because of:

  • change in level of physical activity or exercise, weight gain or loss, increased stress, illness, or change in diet.

These are not all the possible side effects of Levemir®. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

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